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DIY Pantry Backsplash



It's so good to be back here at Happy Crafters! Other than crafting one of my most favorite things to do is organize! Annnnd when I can combine the two that's even better! :) Today I'd love to show you how easy it is to have an organized & pretty pantry. I used pattern adhesive vinyl to personalize my pantry. It was sooooo easy! Look at all of these possibilities!


You'll only need a few supplies for this project. You won't even need a vinyl cutter! :)

• Patterned Adhesive Vinyl (I used this one.)**I needed 8 sheets of vinyl for my pantry
• Scissors
• Craft Knife
• Silhouette scraper


First I trimmed the white edge off of my vinyl sheets.


The vinyl comes on backing paper so you'll just lift the vinyl off of that. Be careful. It's a little sticky. ;)



Then you'll carefully place your vinyl sheet where you want it to go. Using the scraper smooth it onto the wall. Be sure to rub in one direction so any air bubbles or wrinkles can work their way out.


You can also use the scraper to push the vinyl into the cracks along the bottom & the edges.


Then slide your craft knife along the groove. The vinyl cuts super easy, & it will leave you with a nice cut edge.


Here's what half of the shelf wall looked like. I needed to use 2 sheets per shelf. Make sure you line up the design, and then apply a second sheet just like you did the first one.



The other side looked like this when I finished. I just repeated until the back of each shelf was done. It took me about an hour to do my whole pantry. So this is definitely a project you could tackled in one afternoon. :)


Now are you ready to take a peak inside my pantry? ;)


I just love the fun pop of color & pattern you see when you open our pantry door. I wish you could all see it in real life. It's so much better. You'll just have to trust me! ;) It looks great!


To see what our pantry looked like before & to see how I built the extra rolling shelf in the bottom of our pantry you go right HERE. What will you be organizing next? I'd love to hear! ;)



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