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About Us


The funny thing about the team here at Happy Crafters Canada is that we’re all about you.

We are about giving you the tools to Make Something!

Why? Because we like you. All kidding aside, we do like you, and we are building a community of crafters committed to helping you complete the perfect project with the perfect pieces all while enjoying every step of the process.

So what makes a project perfect? We think it’s when the feeling you are trying to achieve comes through. Sometimes that project is magical, sometimes it’s practical, sometimes unusual but it’s always personal, which is where the pieces come in (and why we’re here).


We have the pieces to make every project personal. Let us give you a few examples just to toot our own horn.

Here at HappyCrafters.Ca you’ll find:

◘ Over 200 iron-on vinyl colors and finishes including glitters, foils, metallics and patterns for ironing onto cotton and polyester fabric


◘ Over 50 adhesive vinyl colors and finishes so you can make any hard, flat surface personal like car windows, walls, toy boxes, picture frames and more


◘ Rhinestones for blinging (is that a real word?) – you can bling jeans, backpacks, shirts, skirts, dresses…just about anything you can iron on really

As awesome as we must sound because of all the pieces we provide, we know the best part of every project is the process. The process is our creative outlet or the time that we’ve carved out for the kids. The process can make every project perfect even when what we make doesn’t turn out exactly as we planned (that does happen, maybe more often than we would like to admit).

We’re inviting you to make our pieces a small part of your project and we’re encouraging you to enjoy and share your process with us.

See, we told you our about us was really about you! Here’s to Happy Crafting – now let’s Make Something!

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