Happy Crafters Craft Perfect™

12" x 15" sheet of Happy Crafters Craft Perfect™ designed for applications to polyester, blends, spandex, and performance wear with a true matte finish and feel!
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Sheet Width may vary by .5 inches


Are you tired of buying a different vinyl for every little thing you need to decorate? One vinyl for onesies, a different vinyl for swimsuits, now another for workout gear, plus premium pricing if you need mint. Our Happy Crafters Craft Perfect™ is a decorative heat transfer vinyl that can be applied to t-shirts, yoga pants, headbands, performance wear, blankets, or almost anything else (leather yes, nylon no)! The clear, built in sticky carrier keeps your design from lifting up and allows you to cut this vinyl in ANY vinyl cutter. You can even use scissors if you're feeling extra crafty. Use an iron or a heat press to apply it, then peel off the carrier to reveal a true matte finish. It's also our lightest heat transfer vinyl, which makes it perfect for layering! 


• Great For Polyester, Spandex, Leather, Performance Wear, Blends, and even Tri-Blends! Cannot be used on Nylon or 100% cotton
• Available in A Variety of Colors, including Mint
• Can Be Used With A Standard Iron or Heat Press
• Cut With Any Vinyl Cutter
• Sheet Size is 12" x 15"

*Use HIGH pressure when applying Craft Perfect.

*Do not apply to 100% cotton.


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