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Sublimation Markers- Pastel

For a “dreamier” aesthetic. This Pack includes: peach, light pink, lavender, light blue, seafoam and light green chisel tip Sublimation Markers.

Express your Creativity!


To all “creative folk”,  established artists and artist wannabes: introducing a fantastic way to be expressive and show your unique style.


Start by drawing freehand using a lead pencil or make a photocopy outlining the design. Whichever method you choose: standard copier paper is all it takes.


Trace your outlined design or fill it in using one of the 13 colors available. Remember: the more saturated the paper, the more vibrant your design once you transfer it to the substrate of your choice.


What’s even more amazing? These Sublimation Markers are suited for soft goods made of light-colored polyester fabric, white polyester coated hard goods and they are ASTM approved. 

Which means that now you truly can have it all: a t-shirt, matching water bottle and proof that it’s all non-toxic!   



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