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9 Reasons You Need A Pink Craft Heat Press

9 Reasons You Need A Pink Craft Heat Press

Have you been questioning whether you should be making the jump from your iron to a heat press? There’s a lot of reasons that you should get yourself one of these adorable pink heat presses, but here are some of the most important ones to us.

digital time heat press

  1. Pressure -If I had to pick one reason why I’d rather have a heat press over using my iron, it would absolutely be because I hate using my entire body weight and straining my arms over and over to apply HTV. A heat press will give you the pressure that the vinyl needs in order to really stick in the shirt fibers. If you’re selling your shirts, the last thing you want is peeling vinyl due to a lack of pressure. You do not want your customers' shirts to fall apart in the wash.
  2. Temperature Control – With the accurate heating element in this press, you can ensure that it is always evenly distributed heat and that it’s the exact temperature that you set it at. That’s super important when you’re using heat transfer vinyl! The digital temperature display makes life so much easier too. Did you know that each type of heat transfer vinyl has its own “recipe”? That’s right, each different type of HTV applies at a different temperature, something your iron just isn’t capable of.
  3. Timer– What I call the HTV “recipe” isn’t complete without time. Time, temperature, and pressure are the most important ingredients when you are making sure your vinyl is going to stick AND stay on a shirt. Not only can you digitally set the temperature, but you can set the timer too!

    Psst!- Check out this blog “Reasons Your HTV isn’t Sticking” for more info about how important time, temperature, and pressure is when using heat transfer vinyl.
  4. Save Time!– This reason is super obvious. The time you will save using this heat press vs using an iron is seriously insane. You’re going to wish you bought it sooner. Not to mention that the faster that you can create, the more that you can sell!
  5. One and Done - Big designs with an iron are zero fun and you know it! 30 seconds of arm shaking on each spot until you have ironed each spot…Hah! No more of that. If the design happens to be bigger than the press you can press it twice by moving the shirt, but chances are you will press it once and be done.
  6. Professional Quality - If you are already selling your HTV projects or are planning to sell them in the future, I highly suggest investing in a heat press. It will significantly reduce the chances of peeling vinyl and will give your products a much more durable lifespan.
  7. Warranty - I know that personally, a warranty is a make or break deal for me. If I’m spending a chunk of change, I want it to be covered if something happens. This press has a full 1-year warranty that we stand by. If there is an issue - we replace it. I think that piece of mind alone makes it easier to make the jump of buying a press.
  8. Perfect Size- This press is the perfect size for most crafters, including myself. I don’t have a dedicated area to keep a press so being able to store this one almost anywhere definitely helps me out. Don’t be nervous about the size (9”x12” pressing area) being too small for a job though! Most full-front shirt designs aren’t larger than that. If you do run into a larger design, you can simply move the shirt and press the other section again. It’s also awesome if you do craft shows or any traveling. It’s only 35 pounds so you can take it pretty much everywhere you go!
  1. It’s Cute! – I mean, clearly, every craft girl needs a PINK heat press, right? If you can’t justify upgrading from an iron to a heat press for any other reason, it may as well be because your craft room just needs it to look complete. 



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