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Creating Custom Can Coolers

Creating Custom Can Coolers

There are so many things to look forward to in the fall, but cozy bonfires surrounded by friends are truly one of the best things about the season. No bonfire is complete without a beverage in hand, and custom can coolers are an excellent thing to create for any event. They have been a very popular wedding favor staple in recent years, not to mention that they make an excellent gift for Father’s Day!


These little cozies are an excellent project for a crafter on a budget. Each one only has a customizable area of about 4”x 4”, meaning a significantly lower vinyl cost per item! This also means you can clear out some of your scraps to design these. What about the cozies themselves? We recommend checking out 24hourwristbands.com for excellent pricing and free shipping on orders greater than 100 pieces!


When applying keep in mind that you can fit up to 4 of them at a time onto our Pink Press, meaning less time per each one of these pint-sized projects! This makes taking large orders easy and manageable. Many crafters will offer larger batches with discount pricing for parties and events. 

What kind of vinyl works best on neoprene can coolers? We’ve tested just about every type of vinyl that we have in stock in this material and they all work marvelously! Don’t be afraid to take your design up a notch by using a specialty finish like Glitter HTV or Shine HTV! These make great projects to experiment with new materials, so feel free to go above and beyond. Just remember to reflect the cost of special materials into your pricing! We always tell our crafters to calculate your cost of materials and multiply by three for your minimum selling price. Don’t be afraid to do your research though, you may be surprised by just how much you can get out of one of these cozies!


These versatile little cozies are one of our number ones suggested projects, and we hope that you have as much success with them as the many others we’ve seen do so in the past! If you have any questions or want to share one of your favorite projects feel free to do so in the comments below, on Facebook, Instagram or e-mail us at sales@happycrafters.ca.




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