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Leopard Elbow Patches | Applying HTV to a Robe

Leopard Elbow Patches | Applying HTV to a Robe

With all the stresses of everyday life sometimes you just need some time to relax. What is better than your big comfy robe after a long day? Your big comfy robe personalized! And a little bit of leopard never hurt anybody. Why not customize an otherwise plain robe with heat transfer vinyl? 



What I used:

I knew I wanted to use both a monogram and an elbow patch design for this robe.  On the front of the robe, I chose to use my initial which I purchased for $.50 in the Silhouette Design Store. Once my image was in the workspace I resized it to make it a little smaller to fit on the front of the robe. I had to mirror my design since I was working with heat transfer vinyl.

Next, I chose hearts for the elbow patches. Again I sized my hearts and cut. Newbie tip – when using a pattern make sure the white outline on the pattern sheet is far enough up on your mat so you don’t cut it in your design. Yes, I did that. Oops! Remember, when working with the new heat transfer patterns, you need to cut the pattern, printed side up, weed away the excess, then transfer the pattern to your garment with heat transfer mask.

After cutting out my designs and weeding away the excess, it was time to apply! I placed the robe flat on the table for figure out where to put my initial. I measured in from the armpit so it wouldn’t be too high or too low. I carefully put the robe on the heat press. The robe was a bit bulky so I tried to make it as smooth as possible making sure the collar and all seams were out of the way for an even press. I pressed for 10 seconds at 302º F. I did need to adjust my pressure since the robe was so thick.


For the elbow patches, I put the robe on and lined up the patches to my elbows so they would be elbow patches and not on my biceps. I taped the hearts in place to make sure they were even with each other and wouldn’t move when I took off the robe. Once I put the sleeve of the robe on the heat press I removed the tape. Since the fabric of the robe is so thick I place a towel inside the sleeve to help get an even press.  I pressed for 15 seconds and peeled the heat transfer mask hot. My robe was personalized and ready for me to get comfy. 


Being a newbie this was a nice easy project to start with.  Thankfully I “know people” so they helped me with the heat press tricks since the fabric was so thick. Also if I had it to do over I would have probably used a thicker vinyl such as Glitter HTV or the Flock HTV for the front design. But overall with my first project, I am a Happy Crafter! 


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