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Vinyl Polka Dot Washer & Dryer


Hello! It's Ginger from GingerSnapCrafts.com, & I am so excited to be here at Happy Crafters sharing my latest tutorial. I have been slowly working on a laundry room makeover over the last several months. Sometimes it takes awhile! ha! (Scroll down to see the before & after!) My most recent addition to this makeover are my adorable polka dot washer & dryer. I'll show you how easy this was to do with just a few supplies! So let's get started! :)
For this project you will need:

• 12" x 24" black vinyl

• scissors

• vinyl cutter

Difficulty: easy
Time: about an hour


I used 3 sheets of vinyl for this project. So for under $10 I was able to totally change the look of our washer & dryer. Not too bad! ;) First you will cut out your polka dots with your vinyl cutter. I used my CAMEO®. Then you will weed your vinyl & put clear transfer tape on top. Now we are ready to apply the vinyl.

Before you begin make sure your washer & dryer are free from dust or lint. I just used a wet rag & all purpose cleaner on mine before I got started. Then I just started at the top & worked my way down & around the washer with the polka dots.

The vinyl sticks super easy to the machines. If it doesn't want to stick just lay your transfer tape back down & rub gently with your hand. They should come right off with no problem.


So just keep going! Match up the pattern as best you can as you add new pieces of vinyl.


When I got along the bottom of my machine I found it a lot easier to open the door, & then apply the vinyl that way.


Looking good!


This was such a fun & easy project, and I love how my washer & dryer look now! They are too cute! Buuuut the good thing about vinyl is that if I get tired of polka dots I can easily remove it. Buuuut I probably won't! I love polka dots too much. ;)


Check out this before & after! It so much lighter, brighter & fun! ;)


Do you have anything in your home that could use some polka dots? I'd love to hear! :)


You can check some more of my fun vinyl projects over on my blog. :)
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