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HTV on Face Masks - Is it Safe?

HTV on Face Masks - Is it Safe?

With the current scenario we are all facing, masks are now a “norm”. So, what do we as crafters do? We decorate them, of course!


The question arising time and time again is

“Can I put HTV on the medical or fabric masks? Is it safe?”





We’re here to confirm that it is safe and can be a fun way to make light of the mask recommendations. 


As a Siser distributor, we’ve received information directly from Siser stating that they stand behind the safety of applying their heat transfer vinyl to masks.


“The vast majority of Siser products are CPSIA-certified, which means that they are not only safe for children’s clothing but release no toxic chemicals nor cause any bodily harm if small pieces are accidentally ingested. CPSIA information for each product can be viewed on SiserNA.com.”


These CPSIA certifications are also available on our website and include some of Happy Crafters brand vinyl products as well.


“However, even when using the recommended products, we strongly urge crafters to refrain from applying HTV covering the mouth or nose areas as this may restrict airflow. We recommend limiting designs to the sides or “cheek areas” of any face masks.”


So, let’s be smart about where we are adding our pizzazz to the masks, but rest assured there is no safety concern with the vinyl itself being near your face.


We know a lot of you in our crafting community have really come together at this time and put your skills at use to help where you can. We just want to say that we couldn’t be prouder to have such amazing and skilled customers that are so eager to make a difference by doing what they love.


Check out this graphic for CPSIA certified and recommended products to use on your masks and feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.


--  If you are looking for masks to craft with, we now offer 100% cotton masks!  --


Much love and happy crafting! 

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